Discover the Hidden Truths About Invisalign


Over the years, invisalign has grown to become one of the best remedies for mal-formed teeth. While most people often resort to this procedure for purely medical reasons, there are those who go for it as a way of enhancing their dental and oral appeal. Whatever your reason is, there are certain hidden truths you need to know before thinking of taking the procedure. The following are some of the hidden truths about the procedure.

Require special cleaning

Once you have gone through the procedure of having of having invisalign, you may have to put away the toothpaste for the rest of your life. This is due to the fact that the abrasive ingredients contained in toothpaste may cause an odor or build-up around the teeth. As a remedy, you should always make a post-mean brushing a habit to prevent these build-ups.

May take longer to heal

Ideally, an average treatment of invisalign often takes a year to heal. However, there are isolated cases where the healing period could take more than a year. As isolated as the cases might be, they have a significant chance of occurrence, which makes this yet another hidden truth about this procedure.

You might accidentally lose weight

While weight loss is a dream for many people, losing it accidentally is seldom a welcome thought. As it were, this procedure comes along with mindful eating which literally takes junky foods off your diet, making you lose weight even if you do not wish to

Calls for checked coffee intake

As we have already seen, the toothpaste is one of the greatest enemies of Invisalign so this means you should shun all the foods that stain your teeth, including the good old coffee. For many people, this may not be an easy adjustment to make, considering how greatly coffee impacts our daily performance.

Be ready for an inconvenient companion

The very thought of having something extra on our teeth may not be a comfortable one for most people. Even when the outside world may not see them, the wearer can feel them and it all depends on how tolerant you are to accommodate these substances as additions to your teeth.

It may not be the best fit for you

Experts highly recommend an Invisalign as a remedy for minor orthodontic issues such as crooked teeth and minor under or over bites or gaps. However, you are not encouraged to opt for the same procedure if you have severe or long-standing issues as you may have to do multiple treatments before the condition is fixed.